August Artist of the Month: Eric Clapton

by Ronald A. Rowe August 4th, 2016
Eric Clapton is universally recognized as one of the – if not THE – greatest guitar players in the world.  He’s been called Slowhand, King Cool, Del, Derek, and even God.  Over the course of his 50+ years in the music industry he has collaborated with just about every
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Al Yankovic: Off to a Weird Start

by Ronald A. Rowe July 7th, 2016
His given name is Alfred Matthew Yankovic but you know him as Weird Al.  With the release this month of Yankovic’s 14th studio album, Mandatory Fun, it seems like an opportune time to put him in the focus here as our Artist of the Month.  This week we will start, as most stories do, at the beginning.

Yankovic’s career started off as something of a joke.  His goofy song parodies featured just Weird Al and his accordion and mainly received
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Born Loser

by J Frazzetta June 2nd, 2016
His mother was a Warhol Factory Girl and his father was a Canadian composer.  The small family lived in a rooming house in Los Angeles during the early 70’s, they moved around to several other neighborhoods and found themselves living Korean and Salvadorian families.  At one point his parents sent him to Kansas to live with his grandparents to get some kind of a normal upbringing.  His grandfather was a Presbyterian minister and explains where our hero developed an
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  • The Guilty Pleasures

    by Jason Lightner May 5th, 2016
    You know, I've been thinking about this for quite some time, and I've been considering writing this one for a long, long while. I just hadn't found the right words to say, but I'm at the point to where I don't really care how it comes out.

    I really like that song "Animals," from the 2005 album All the Right Reasons by Nickelback.

    There. I said it. Have
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  • On a Friday

    by J Frazzetta April 7th, 2016
    During the alternative/punk rock boom of the early 90’s many bands were given a chance in the limelight that would have otherwise been left to stick it out in the underground.  Many of those groups formed, broke up, enjoyed moderate success, became superstars or wound up where they started without understanding what happened.  One such band from England would consist of five friends that met while attending the Abingdon
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  • The Ween-ness

    by J Frazzetta March 3rd, 2016
    When you’re in the eighth grade and decide to start a band there is a good chance it won’t last a year, let alone close to 30.  However, the duo of Aaron Freeman and Mickey Melchiondo from New Hope, Pennsylvania, managed to have the world scratching their heads as two guys named Gene and Dean Ween.  What started out as two kids huffing drugs and recording themselves on a
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